A Long Overdue Update

So I should probably let you all know where the hell I’ve been, right? ?

First of all I need to apologize for the radio silence. I should have dropped some updates months ago, but life got away from me. I’m sorry if you emailed or messaged me and I didn’t respond. That’s not cool, I know. I’ll try to belatedly respond to all your messages over the next few weeks.

2021 was another challenging year, as I’m sure many of you will agree. Between lockdowns, home-schooling, sleep deprivation, family illnesses and deaths, and my own mental health struggles, it’s been rough at times.

On the bright side, my second child was born last year! He is the happiest kid I’ve ever met. He does a little dance when we give him avocado and his favorite trick is to steal my phone, hold it up like a trophy, shout in triumph, then crawl away with it as fast as he can.

So it’s been a wonderful, tough, exhausting year. I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling drained, and I hope you’re all managing okay.

Of course, as a result of all that it has been challenging to maintain a good writing routine. So when’s the next book coming? I don’t know. I wish I could give you a better answer than that. I really do. One of my big anxieties lately has been how I’m letting you all down by making you wait so long for the next book. It will come, though. That I can promise you.

So what have I been working on between nappy changes and spelling tests? My main project at the moment is Lost Falls 4, which I’m currently three quarters of the way through. I’ve also been outlining the second book in the of the Golden Remnant Saga under my Chris R. Underwood pen name, so that will be next up on the writing desk once I’m done with Lost Falls 4.

I’ve also been working on a side project which helped drag me out of my funk last year: a book inspired by my love of Lovecraftian role-playing games like Call of Cthulhu. I’ll tell you more about it soon. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  

Thank you for your patience. You’ve all been awesome and I’m so grateful for your support.