Tooth and Nail is coming June 2nd!

Get ready, because Tooth and Nail (Lost Falls, Book 3) is coming at you on June 2nd!

I’m so excited to get the book into your hands. I know many of you have been waiting a while for this, so thanks very much for your patience! I hope you’ll agree it was worth the wait.

Have a gander at the snazzy new cover art, then scroll down to find the blurb for Ozzy’s next big adventure.

A murdered vampire. No witnesses. A blood feud ignited.

Some folks say the only good vampire is a dead vampire. But when the murder of a vampire threatens the fragile peace between vampires and ogres, someone has to wade into the fray to sort the truth from the lies.

Guess who gets that job.

But there’s more to this murder than an ancient blood feud. Behind the scenes, someone is stoking the fires of war.

And if I can’t uncover the truth soon, we’ll all be feeling the heat.